Blueshift – How to Build a 3D Election Map

3d  election map by county

A few days ago I posted this 3D map, showing the county-level results from the U.S. presidential election (full screen version).

3D maps are fun, but in this case it’s more than just a gratuitous effect. The colors tell you which candidate won each county and their margin of victory. The height indicates the electoral importance of each county, an important piece that’s missing from the standard red and blue [but mostly red] election map.

Blueshift is designed to be an easy-to-use tool for building maps that go beyond color, using 3D effects, motion, and changes over time to communicate information in a clearer, more expressive way.

To see how it works, the video below shows how this map was made — under two minutes from start to finish.

Building a 3D election map with Blueshift

Live version of this map

This example shows how to build a U.S. election map, but it could just as easily be information about countries, provinces, states, or cities around the world. Blueshift also allows you build:

Blueshift will be launching soon in private beta. If you would like to give it a try, request an early invite below. It’s free.

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